This program starts with Mindset, which is imperative for any combatives situation.

Our combatives program is based around simplicity, peeling away bad habits and unrealistic techniques. Students will be exposed to techniques that are applicable to real-world violent encounters. Once students understand mindset, they are taught how to move utilizing angles in order to create a tactical advantage. Combatives techniques quickly follow, including entries and angles of attack. Empty handed power striking is a hallmark and integral part of the program. This exposes students to strikes that effectively deliver power without injury to themselves, while delivering maximum force. Once the power striking foundation is in place, the edged weapons portion of this course is introduced. Students will be trained on how to employ an edged weapon against a determined and aggressive adversary. The end result is a comprehensive understanding of a realistic combatives program and the ability to apply tactics and techniques effectively and on demand.

Al The Plumber Salvitti

Master Instructor Al Salvitti has trained in multiple martial art disciplines for 39 years, including Tae Kyun, Traditional Taekwondo, knife throwing, Arnis, Muay Thai, Aikido, Western-Style Boxing, and was a Sayoc Kali Instructor for blade and whip. He also achieved the difficult status of Black Belt under two-time South Korea TKD National Champion, Do Suh Park.

Al continued his evolution as a fighter through 15 years of bouncing in the worst bars and clubs Philadelphia had to offer in the 70s & 80s resulting in over 500 street fights. During these intense fights he realized martial arts by themselves were not effective, so he researched and integrated pre-WWII era boxing techniques into his training. The powerful punching techniques integrated with his street fight and martial arts experience resulted in his creation of open-handed Power Strikes. Master Instructor Al Salvitti’s proprietary combatives techniques are taught to (and effectively used by) US Army and US Navy Special Mission Units.

Topics Covered

  • Power striking
  • Effectively closing distance
  • Combat mindset
  • Edged weapon carry consideration
  • Proper employment of edged weapons
  • Fighting in confined space
  • Training methodology

Required Equipment

  • Gloves
  • EDC blade & trainer
  • Kit (optional)