Northern Red has fused multiple skill sets together that are imperative to successfully conducting Low-Visibility Operations.

The first two days of this course are centralized around pistol marksmanship and low-visibility carry considerations and techniques. Immediately following the pistol portion, students are provided a full day of hand-to-hand combative techniques which are designed to neutralize an aggressor as quickly as possible when firearms use is not feasible. The final two days of this course are focused on open-air tactics such as Vehicle takedowns, small unit fire and maneuver, and quick reaction force operations . This curriculum is founded on combat proven techniques and Practical Exercises/Scenarios are relevant and realistic. For those who work in small numbers while maintaining a low-profile, this course will adequately improve your prowess to adapt and overcome in all environments.

Topics Covered

  • Fundamentals of pistol marksmanship
  • Combat pistol marksmanship
  • Low visibility/conceal carry draw stroke
  • Increased weapon manipulation capability
  • Power striking
  • Combatives techniques
  • Small unit tactics
  • Thorough understanding of shoot, move, communicate
  • Training with a combat mindset
  • Planning considerations
  • React to contact

Required Equipment

  • Civilian clothes
  • 2 pistol retainer pouches
  • Pistol (with UTM or Sims conversion)
  • Concealable pistol holster
  • All PPE in accordance with your Uuit’s guidance
  • Gloves
  • EDC blade & trainer
  • Kit (optional)
  • Clear eye protection (ballistic sunglasses)
  • Radio and all BII or cell with head phones
  • Ammunition requirements will be discussed at the time of proposal request