Small Unit Tactics

Every Combat Arms unit in the military can effectively communicate the importance of mastering Small Unit Tactics (SUT).

Whether working in 2-man teams, or larger sized elements, one must be able to instinctively apply SUT in order to find, fix, and finish the opposition. This course will provide clients with the confidence and skills needed to effectively shoot, move, and communicate as part of a team. The course begins with Individual Movement Techniques (IMT), which are the basis for SUT, and systematically build up to force-on-force scenarios where elements will have to employ immediate action drills to be successful. The primary blocks of instruction for this course are: IMT, traveling formations, movement techniques, React-to-Contact drills, Command and Control, Troop Leading Procedures, and planning considerations. Small Unit Tactics have been around since the beginning of warfare. It is imperative that your Unit has the knowledge, training, and experience to employ these skills against today’s emerging threats.

Topics Covered

  • Training Methodology
  • Combat Mindset
  • Individual/Team Movement Techniques
  • React to Contact Battle Drills
  • Troop Leading Procedures
  • Movement Formations
  • Planning
  • Increased Tactical Capabilities
  • Further Understanding of Find, Fix, Finish (F3)

Required Equipment

  • Carbine
  • 3 Rifle Magazines
  • Magazine retainers
  • Sling
  • UTM/Simunitions Bolt/Upper
  • PPE (Force-on- Force protective gear required by student’s unit)
  • Kit/Plate Carrier
  • Helmet (Not mandatory, recommended)
  • Batteries for all equipment
  • Simunitions Pistol (Not mandatory, recommended)
  • Pistol + Holster
  • 1 Pistol Magazine
  • Duty Uniform
  • We recommend that you bring your everyday kit to train in.
  • Ammunition requirements will be discussed at the time of proposal request
  • Eye Protection