Tactical Team Foundations


This is a non-live fire course. The course focuses on developing skills in applying tactics dynamically, and integrates UTM/Simunitions as a feedback and reinforcement mechanism.

The Northern Red Tactical Team Foundations course will provide students with the confidence and skills needed to effectively shoot, move, and communicate as part of a team in any environment. Whether working in two-man teams or larger, one must be able to instinctively apply Small Unit Tactics in order to be successful against the opposition.

The course begins with Individual Movement Techniques, which are the basis for Small Unit Tactics, and systematically builds to force-on-force scenarios where teams will have to employ immediate action drills to succeed.

Prior attendance at Northern Red’s Individual Mission Training course will allow a student to develop a more complete understanding in implementing fundamental skills in tactics at the team level. The Tactical Team Foundations training course is also a vital precursor in team-based tactics that will elevate a student’s capacity to progress through Northern Red’s Close Quarters Battle training course.

Topics Covered

  • Combat mindset
  • Individual/team movement techniques
  • Immediate action drills
  • Troop leading procedures
  • Movement formations

Required Equipment

  • Serviceable, direct impingement AR-15
  • 300 rifle rounds marking ammunition (UTM/Simunitions)
  • Weapon-mounted light
  • Sling
  • UTM/Simunitions bolt/upper
  • Simunitions pistol (not mandatory, recommended)
  • Duty uniform
  • PPE (force-on-force protective gear required by student’s unit, eye protection is mandatory)
  • Kit/plate carrier
  • Helmet (not mandatory, recommended)
  • Clothing adequate to cover all exposed skin during force-on-force scenarios:
    • Balaclava-style head/neck cover
    • Long sleeve top
    • Full length pants
    • Closed toe shoes
    • Clear, wraparound-style eye protection
    • Chest protector (female students only)
    • Weather-appropriate clothing
    • Lunch (no on-site options)
    • Water
    • Weapons cleaning kit
    • Cleaning rod (malfunctions clearance)

Optional Equipment

  • UTM-style protective helmet
  • Airsoft mask (metal mesh)
  • Paintball mask
  • Chest protector
  • Body armor
  • Load bearing equipment
  • Personal UTM bolt (piston-style weapons)