Northern Red.
Gunfighter Pistol/Carbine is a course focusing on speed, accuracy and combat decision making in high stress situations. Developed for shooters with a functional knowledge of marksmanship and control fundamentals on both carbine and pistol, Gunfighter Pistol/Carbine presents challenges that cannot be overcome with just the press of a trigger, they require good judgement and decisive actions backed by the skill to execute them.

End State.
Having integrated both carbine and pistol into a single platform, students will have increased both their capability and individual confidence with the weapon systems. Finally, students leave every Northern Red class with tools for identifying their short comings and overcoming them with a template utilized by the majority of the United States Special Operations community.

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Topics Covered.
Northern Red Diagnostic Evaluation
Shooting On The Move
Alternate Shooting Positions
Gunfighting In Kit,
Target Transitions
Performance On Demand Competitions
Zeroing And Ballistics
Training With A Combat Mindset
Kit Set-up
Transitioning Weapons Systems
Required Equipment.
Carbine + Sling
Pistol + Holster
800 Rounds Carbine(3 Day)
800 Rounds Pistol(3 Day)
400 Rounds Carbine(2 Day)
400 Rounds Pistol(2 Day)
4 Pistol Magazines
4 Carbine Magazines
Pistol Magazine Carrier(Belt or Drop Leg)
Carbine Magazine Carrier(Belt or Drop Leg)
Eye Protection
Ear Protection
Weapons Cleaning Kit
Format and Prerequisites.
This course will be conducted, exclusively, on a live fire range. Come prepared for inclement weather and an 8-9 hour day with time allotted for lunch, with food and water being an individual responsibility.

Flat range, lecture, discussion, audience participation, performance on demand, and physically demanding courses of fire.

Firm grasp of the fundamentals, formal instruction from an accredited school or professional academy, an open mind, self-confidence and thick skin.

If you cannot acquire a required piece of equipment prior to the start date of your course, please contact the Northern Red staff. With the exception of firearms, equipment will be made available for student rental.