Northern Red.
Every Combat Arms unit in the military can effectively communicate the importance of mastering Small Unit Tactics (SUT). Whether working in 2-man teams, or larger sized elements, one must be able to instinctively apply SUT in order to find, fix, and finish the opposition. This course will provide clients with the confidence and skills needed to effectively shoot, move, and communicate as part of a team. The course begins with Individual Movement Techniques (IMT), which are the basis for SUT, and systematically build up to force-on-force scenarios where elements will have to employ immediate action drills to be successful. The primary blocks of instruction for this course are: IMT, traveling formations, movement techniques, React-to-Contact drills, Command and Control, Troop Leading Procedures, and planning considerations.

End State.
This course results in the mastery of the fundamentals of SUT, patrolling and Urban Movement. Students will develop an overall increased capability to operate in an Urban Environment with the ability to effectively plan and execute team movements. Students will leave with an increased confidence in their ability to overcome adversaries in an austere environment.

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Topics Covered.
Understanding Individual Movement Techniques (IMT)
Thorough application of Team Movement Techniques (TMT)
Small Unit Tactics and how they apply in an Urban environment
Proper use of cover and concealment
Understanding which IMT/TMT to employ in any given situation and why to use them
Navigating intersections and danger areas
Understanding and utilizing Troop Leading Procedures
Principles of patrolling
Principles of reacting to contact
Employment of immediate action
Opposed Simmunitions practical exercises
Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication while conducting movement
Movement principals from Vehicle Drop off to Target.
Required Equipment.
3 rifle magazines
Magazine retainers
UTM/Simunitions Bolt/Upper
600 rounds, 5.56 UTM/Sims
PPE (Force-on- Force protective gear required by student's unit)
Kit/Plate Carrier
Helmet (Not mandatory, recommended)
Eye Protection
Batteries for all equipment
Simunitions Pistol (Not mandatory, recommended)
1 Pistol Magazine
Duty Uniform

We recommend that you bring your everyday kit to train in

Format and Prerequisites.
This course will be conducted in various environments. Come prepared for inclement weather and an 8-9 hour day with time allotted for lunch, with food and water being an individual responsibility.

Simunition/UTM, force on force, lecture and discussion. This is a physically demanding course (be prepared to shoot a full day in full kit).

Active LE/DOD credentials, an open mind, good attitude and thick skin.

If you cannot acquire a required piece of equipment prior to the start date of your course, please contact the Northern Red staff. With the exception of firearms, equipment will be made available for student rental.