Northern Red.
An introduction and familiarization with blades, sticks and impact weapons, Power Striking and Edged Weapons details the combat mindset needed to defeat a foe in hand-to-hand fighting and then applies that to blade tactics. From the opening strike to the actual employment of a blade, stick or baton, the class focuses on proven fighting methodologies that work in both street fight and combat settings. It is ideal for military and Law Enforcement looking for a real solution to immediate threats.

End State.
After two days of hand-to-hand practice, students will understand the use of power striking to create opportunities in which to draw a blade safely and then effectively "grab and stab" a threat, without injuring themselves. As with every Northern Red class, students also leave with tools for identifying their short comings and overcoming them with a template utilized by the majority of the United States Special Operations community.

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Topics Covered.
Blade Selection
Drawing of the Blade
Understanding Distances
Draws While Moving
Grab and Stab
Stabbing Targets with Live Blades
Angles of Attack
Forward and Reverse Grip
Improvised Weapons
Unconventional Training Modifiers
Empty Hand Power Striking
Offensive Mindset and Training Methodology
Situational Awareness
Required Equipment.
EDC Blade & Trainer
Kit (optional)
Format and Prerequisites.
Lecture, discussion, audience participation, performance on demand, and simulated combatives situations.

An open mind, good attitude and thick skin.